Junior And High School Programmes

We are so obliged and satisfied to make your child well - prepared to study abroad in Junior or High School. We are here to teach them their way to be in Junior and High School. Our experienced staff is here to teach and clear children's hesitation and confidence about their Junior and High School Programmes. This also include their stay at Schools and counseling whenever they require.

Junior and High School Programms are meant for students who wish to complete there schooling in foreign country.

The Junior or Primary school caters student from the age group of 7-11 years. The age group varies from country to country. In most countries, it is compulsory for children to receive primary education. These schools provide primary education to the students. The major goals of primary education are achieving basic literacy and numeracy amongst all pupils, as well as establishing foundations in science, geography, history and other social sciences. The relative priority of various areas, and the methods used to teach them, are an area of considerable political debate. Typically, primary education is provided in schools, where the child will stay in steadily advancing classes until they complete it and move on to high school/secondary school. Children are usually placed in classes with one teacher who will be primarily responsible for their education and welfare for that year. This teacher may be assisted to varying degrees by specialist teachers in certain subject areas, often music or physical education. The continuity with a single teacher and the opportunity to build up a close relationship with the class is a notable feature of the primary education system.

High School caters students from the age group of 12-16 years. High school provide secondary education to the students. Secondary education is generally the final stage of compulsory education, followed by the university courses. The high schools generally comprising grades nine through twelve.